Ways you can work with me

With the right guidance and advice you can...

  • gradually reintroduce normal movement.
  • unravel areas of tension where your body is over-protecting.
  • stop wasting energy by being in battle with your pain
  • change your beliefs about what your body can and can’t do.
  • dial down your pain so that you’re not all consumed by it



  • One to one Sessions
  • Pain Support Group
  • Movement Class for people in pain

Find more details and booking links below.


Discovery Call

Book a 15-minute free discovery call

One to One Sessions

Pain management plan

Individual Sessions

Work on your movement, mindset or a bit of both

Pain Support Groups

Monthly Support Group

Meet others and pick up tips on managing stress and pain
(Sat 11:00 – 12:00)

Weekly Support Group

Cuppa & Chat with other people managing pain
(Thurs 1:00-1:50)

Pain Support Group

Movement and Mindfulness for people in pain

Dial Down Your Pain movement class

Movement Classes

Gentle movement designed for people with pain

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