Living Well with long-term Health Conditions 

For people with various health conditions seeking support to explore strategies to adapt and live well.

Pain Support Group

This pay what you can afford support group offers a community space for people to share their experiences whilst learning more about adapting to living with a health condition. 

Hosted by, Beth Cox, you’ll have the opportunity to share what you’re lived experience is really like with other people who can related to what you’re going through.

As well as sharing you’ll be offered various tips and tools that can support you to adapt to live with long-term health conditions.  You can come along if you have long term pain or are living with other types health conditions.

Many of these tips and techniques are based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

The group is being held at The Swansea Wellbeing Centre. Each session is stand-alone, you can attend more than one session.


(in person only)

Mon 17th June
Mon 24th June
Mon 1st July
Mon 8th July


Why I’m offering this support group

I’ve had back issue for more than twenty years.

At times my back was so bad that my legs gave way from under me.  The pain and knock on affects worn me down, I was unable to do things I loved. 

My world began to shrink, I became less active and found myself avoiding seeing friends and going out.  It felt like my pain was all consuming.

My back was on my mind all the time, if I wasn’t in a flare-up, I was worried about what I was doing, in case it caused a flare-up. 
It ruled my life. 

I was in a constant battle with my body.  I was so frustrated as my body was always letting me down and stopping me from fully enjoying life.

Beth Cox

I was in a dark place with pain, so I was prepared to I try anything and everything, but nothing fixed me. Lots of things helped a bit but I was looking for the magic solution.

That was until I learnt about changing my mindset.  I learnt that the only way to live with my condition was to stop being fearful of it and to stop being in battle with it. This hasn’t been easy but I’ve learnt lots fo different tools that have help me to shift my mindset. I have learnt ways to begin befriending my body and to start listening to what my body was trying to tell me. This was the turning point where I stop trying to fix my health and instead learnt ways to live with my condition.

I’m sharing some of what I’ve learnt in these support groups.

After over 10 years of working as a yoga therapist, I have supported many people to change their outlook on life.  

I’ve designed these sessions not only as a place to share your experiences with others but also to share some of ideas around adapting to living with health conditions in a way that’s easy to understand.  For me, hearing about the ideas was only half of the story, testing them gave me hope that I could change my mindset and it would help me to manage my condition. 

If you’re curious to learn more join me at one or more of the support group meetings.


(in person only)

Mon 17th June
Mon 24th June
Mon 1st July
Mon 8th July


This support group is accessible to all

We’ll be sitting in chairs.
There are 3 steps to get into the room we’re in.

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