Possibilities Beyond Persistent Pain

Are you drained from the endless effort of trying
to live a normal life with untreatable pain?


Discover alternatives to medical interventions for pain relief.
Escape the relentless battle with pain and find freedom from exhaustion.

Join this 60-minute workshop to experience effective techniques to break free from the cycle of chronic pain.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Hear my inspiring journey: I went from crippling chronic back pain to an active yoga therapist, reclaiming my life and rediscovering the joy of activities like cycling and hiking.
  • Gain insights into a revolutionary perspective:
    Pain isn’t solely about physical damage; it’s a complex interplay of factors.
  • Find reassurance in the shared experiences of others who understand your struggles.
  • Experience the resistance you have to your pain and begin to unravel it.
  • Harness the incredible power of your mind to reduce your suffering.
  • Leave with newfound hope and confidence, knowing you can take control of your pain and reclaim your life.

Ready to transform your relationship with pain?
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Next Session: Wed 1st Nov
19:00-20:00 GMT – Online

About Beth Cox

Chronic Pain Survivor, Yoga Therapist, Pain Management Coach

Beth brings a wealth of personal and shared experience to support individuals dealing with chronic pain.

With over two decades of personal experience in navigating the challenges of chronic back pain and over ten years of supporting many people dealing with persistent or recurring pain.

Her mission is clear: to reduce your pain, enhance your energy and mobility, and restore your trust in your body. Under her expert guidance, you’ll embark on a structured, step-by-step journey, embracing simple yet highly effective exercises for both your body and mind. These methods are thoughtfully designed to help you reconnect with yourself.

Beth is deeply passionate about helping individuals find alternative ways to reduce the impact of pain on their daily lives. She specialises in movement therapy and pain management coaching, tailored to your unique needs. She creates a safe space where you can set your own pace and discover practical ways to alleviate your pain.

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