Are you the sort of person who likes to delve a bit deeper into things?

If so you love this resource page.

BUT If you’re not sure what to look at take this quiz and I’ll email you the top four resources that I think will be the most relevant for you.

I’ll send you one resource a few days apart so you don’t feel overwhelmed with too much information or too many exercises to try. (QUIZ coming soon).


Podcasts / audio

Written Articles


  • Pain is strange – Steve Haines
  • The Body Knows the Score – Bessel A. van der Kolk
  • The Body Says No – Gabor Mate
  • Freedom from pain – Peter Leven
  • Move – Caroline Williams
  • A liberated mind – Steven Haynes
  • Befriending your nervous system – Deb Dana

Other people you might like to check out are:- 

Berne Brown, Steve Hopkins, Betty Politan

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