Dear reader

Have you reached a point where you suspect that you may not be able to fix your body?

Do you want to stop battling against your pain? 

Are you looking for a way to shift your thoughts away from your pain?


We’re all unique and have our own ideas about life.

I have outlined some ideas and character traits that I think fit this approach well and ones which might not sit so well with how I work.

These few key pointers might help you to decide if approach would be the right fit for you.  It’ll give you a clear idea as to whether I’m the right person to help you at this particular point of your experience of living with pain.

This work could be a perfect fit if…

  • You tired lots of other approaches trying to fix the physical issue 99% 99%
  • You’re ready to give up battling with your body and are interested in learning ways to befriend it 95% 95%
  • You’re curious, you like to know how things work and embrace change 90% 90%
  • You are aware of the link when your stress levels increase your perceived pain worsen in an unhelpful cycle 85% 85%
  • You’ve tried mind over matter but find it really hard to distract yourself from your pain 80% 80%

You might like to learn more about this approach if…

  • You’d like to do more movements but you are sacred of making things worse 75% 75%
  • You’re not sure what the best approach is for you or what type of treatment would suit you best 70% 70%
  • You’re busy but you are able to make time to introduce some simple changes 65% 65%
  • You’re anxious that you might feel overwhelmed, physically, emotionally or mentally 60% 60%
  • You’re worried that this will be another thing that doesn’t work for you 55% 55%

It’s unlikely that we’d be a fit if…

  • You believe in the no pain, no gain mantra, you think you have to work through pain to make it better 45% 45%
  • You’re under a lot of pressure at the moment and unable to dedicate time to make changes 40% 40%
  • You believe your body is permanently broken and that it’s unfixable OR 35% 35%
  • You believe if one part of your body is replace or fixed your pain will go away 30% 30%
  • You have no interested in science or how things work 25% 25%

If you feel we could be a good fit, here are a few ways that I can help you…

l believe there are four key elements to help you to dial down your pain. 

You may be great at one or two of these but may need help with other areas. 

Or you might like to delve in to all four areas.
I’m planning on offering a longer term course in late 2023 covering all four of these elements.

In the meantime this is what I currently offer…


  • natural intelligent movement – group yoga classes or 1:1 yoga therapy.
  • understanding pain science – intro workshop and free resources (blog post)
  • befriending your nervous system – 1:1 pain management coaching
  • reframing your habitual thought patterns – 1:1 pain management coaching
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