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Dial up your life

Welcome, my name is Beth
Beth Cox

Do you feel worn down by your nagging persistent pain?

I can help you reduce the effects of pain, regain movement, and boost energy levels – so you can feel like yourself and actively enjoy life again.

Persistent pain changes who we are:-

  • We move differently
  • We brace and tense against the pain
  • We stop doing things we love
  • We avoid socialising
  • We loose our sense of self
Lost identity

When the pain is so intense
it can feel like our
whole body is broken


Beth Cox Pain Specialist

Let’s talk about your pain and
what you can do about it.

As a pain specialist, my aim is to help people change their movement and mindset to dial down their pain so they can break out of a persistent pain cycle.


    Have you reached rock bottom with your pain?  Are you fed up with people telling you what you should do, who don’t have a clue what it’s like to live with long term pain.

    Are you exhausted from searching for new ways to fix your pain and wiped out each time you experience another flare-up.

    Every time we have another set-back it knocks our resilience to even lower than it was before.  I know how this feels because I’ve lived with persistent pain for over 20 years.

    But I’ve also seen the other side of the story over the last decade through my personal experience and my work supporting other people living with pain.

    Is it time to try a different approach?

    Rather than trying to conquer your pain, what would it be like to stop battling to overcome your pain?

    When we learn how to break our resistance to pain we start to break down how it persists.

    What we resist persists.

    I’m not promising to cure you. But if you combine the four key elements outlined below, you will have a greater chance to dial down your pain so you can feel more in control and positive about life.  

    This can feel like a lot to take in.

      Pause and check if you’re ready to read more or you may prefer to have some tools to manage a flare-up.
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    Beth Cox

    I’ve been there too…

    After living with back pain for 20 years I know how exhausting it can be, never knowing when the pain will flare-up or how bad it’ll get.

    Like lots of people, I spent many years searching for the magic solution to conquer the pain. I tried conventional medicine;- physiotherapy, osteopathy, and complementary medicine like acupuncture.  They all helped in the short term, but I came to realise that I wasn’t any better off and that I was wasting my time, money, and energy.

    It was only when I started to listen to and trust my body that my pain flare-ups became much less intense and less frequent.  Instead of searching for someone else to fix me, I realised I held most of the answers myself. I started to find ways to change how I was relating to my pain and how I was unhelpfully feeding it’s control over me.

    If you’d like to read my story in more depth visit the about me page.

    How being trapped in a persistent
    pain cycle felt to me:

    I remember times when my pain was so bad that I’d struggle to bend forward.  One time, I broke down, I ended up crying, not from the pain itself but the frustration that I couldn’t do something as simple as putting my socks. 

    I use to wake with stiffness and rigidity thought-out my whole body, I was so tense I felt like a tight coiled spring. 

    I was fearful of moving, not knowing what to do to make the pain go away or what might trigger a flare-up. 

    When I tired talking about what I was going through, people couldn’t understand or relate to what my life was like, I felt so alone. I was completely exhausted from silently enduring the pain.  I felt trapped.

    Learning to trust your body

    If you’re anything like I was, at this point you’re probably asking

    “But how can I trust my body, it’s always letting me down?!” … 

    You’ve tried everything, so you’re probably thinking how will this be different? 

    There’s more information below but you may feel a little overwhelmed by what you’ve read so far.

    If you prefer to have a chat about your own circumstances please arrange a time to give me a ring.

    What’s different about my approach?

    In my approach, we work on four areas. If one of these key elements is missing we can stay stuck in a persistent pain cycle.

    You may have:

    • Discovered more about pain by watching videos and reading books.
    • Investigated different types of movement-based therapy
    • attended a pain management course to try to find ways accept your pain
    • learnt tools to help you manage your stress levels

    But have you ever tried to combine all four of these tools in a structured approach?

    That’s what makes my approach different.  I offer guidance and specific support that’s tailored to your circumstances in all four of these areas. By exploring them in depth you can find ways to change your thoughts, beliefs and actions, so you can take back control of your life.

    When pain persists, we can feel drained and helpless.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way…

    When you break the persistent pain trap you can…

    Move with ease:

    • you can get out of bed effortlessly in the morning 
    • don’t need to think twice about doing your garden
    • you can sit comfortably and enjoy a meal out at a restaurant

    Feel more energised:

    • enjoy an evening walk, instead of collapsing on the sofa
    • feel more focused and tick off lots of your to-do list
    • talk with friends without feeling distracted

    Do what you love:

    • plan a holiday without worrying about what you’ll be able to do
    • dust down your dancing shoes for a great night out
    • enjoy laughing and having fun with your grandchildren.
    Here are some steps to get you started:-

    Understanding Pain

    Do the pain assessment quiz,
    to learn more about pain and to see how this approach can help you to dial down your pain.


    If you like doing your own research, I’ve compiled a list of helpful videos, books and podcasts here.

    Book a Session

    Join a movement group,
    pain support group
    or for individual support
    book a one to one session 

    With the right guidance

    and advice you can:-


    • gradually reintroduce normal movement.
    • unravel areas of tension where your body is over-protecting.
    • stop wasting energy by being in battle with your pain.
    • change your beliefs about what your body can and can’t do.
    • dial down your pain so that you’’re not all consumed by it and you start to feel in control of your life again. 

    I believe with small and simple tweaks your body and mind can become a place of ease and comfort.  

    I understand how tough it is living with pain, you don’t need to battle on your own anymore. This is the time to make a change.  

    By changing how your pain affects your thoughts, feeling and actions, you can dial down your pain.  

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